Sunday, August 25, 2013

USA TODAY's HEA weighs in on Pieces Of You

USA Today's HEA weighs in on PIECES OF YOU!- "Pieces of You is electrifying and engrossing, a provocative, intense, tiptop thriller. Loreth Anne White can't get me back to Snowy Creek fast enough...

...The setting — a ski community in the mountains of British Columbia — is majestic and merciless, and plays a pivotal role in the story. It's a close, closed off community, surrounded by glaciers and harboring seething emotion. White's deft descriptions, and her inspired use of Snowy Creek's natural features, add striking menace and full tilt tension..."

Thank you to the fabulous @Kathy Altman! 

For the full review, see the here: --> REVIEW (you'll need to scroll down)

This is where I was the Christmas that inspiration for my Snowy Creek series struck.

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